I keep seeing a post over and over again through various social media channels that basically asks if we can reboot 2016 and whether anyone has tried to turn it and off yet. Every time I read it, I think: Hahaha! Weep.

I’m trying to find a better way to find balance — social media breaks, reading for fun, going to the park with my family — but then also staying informed and engaged and still trying to get through household management and oh, yes, my novel revision and PhD. The constant barrage of world crises is hard enough, and this is all compounded by smaller, disruptive life issues like computer problems, surprise visa problems, and my toddler’s childcare ending this week and no placement yet for the fall.

It’s exhausting, and I’m not quite sure if there are any better ways to reset and keep going than what I’m currently attempting. So. What are some of your strategies for dealing with stress, fatigue, and overload? I don’t see 2016 getting any easier on a global scale, and the personal load isn’t going to ease up any time soon, either…

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