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4 Degrees


I miss blogging. I realized that one of the reasons I haven’t been blogging much lately is that I’ve built it up as some sort of big time investment — posts need to be essay-like, and most of the longer pieces I want to write are tough. The world is difficult right now…(Read More)



I don’t know that what happened in Orlando and what keeps happening in the U.S. is something that can be processed. I don’t know that it should. There’s so much being posted right now — new information, opinions, debates — and I’d like to highlight a few items. First: the election this…(Read More)

End of Term


I’m feeling a huge rush of relief today after end of term. Over the past month, I’ve attended doctoral workshops at three different universities in Switzerland (all in different cities) and finished teaching and grading my course for undergraduates. On top of all of that, my 2 year old son has been sick…(Read More)

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