Are we done with April Fools’ Day pranks and hoaxes yet? Phew. I spend all of April 1st disbelieving everything I read, and maintaining that level of skepticism is surprisingly exhausting!

Also exhausting: my two year old has decided not sleeping is “fun.” I keep reminding myself that Easter break is almost over. From Monday, we’ll be back to our usual routine, and I will once again have some time to work during the day rather than only after bedtime (which makes the anti-napping and 3:30 am wake ups to play so much harder because we’re already tired from bizarro work hours!).

Speaking of work, Andrew and I’ve started to leak a few teasers about the Sekrit Project. First: it’s an app! We put out a call for beta testers earlier this week and hope to begin the testing phase soon. We have a good group of testers, but if you’d like to try out the app and give us feedback and you have an iPhone or iPad, please sign up here by tonight. As a note, beta testers do not have to be technical people. In fact, it’s helpful to have a few testers who are not super tech savvy so we can find out if any aspects of the app are unintuitive.

Here’s a teaser image:

I’ve mentioned before that this is Andrew and my first collaboration on a project (you know, aside from being married and raising a child together!). It’s been fun because while we both have technical and artistic brains and backgrounds, our skill sets are complementary. He did the app’s gorgeous design and wrote the code. I did the research, wrote the script, and helped him with some of the math behind the effects.

I’m excited about this project and can’t wait to share it!


PS — My favorite April Fools’ Day hoax is from 1957, when the BBC aired a brief documentary about the spaghetti farmers of Ticino, Switzerland and that year’s bumper crop of spaghetti:

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