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Daily Rituals


Yesterday was tough. My 2yo woke up feeling sensible as they say at his crèche, which is a far nicer word than moody. Every little thing caused an eruption of tears, and he wanted constant hugs and reassurance. Which was okay. He knows he can have a hug whenever he wants one. But he…(Read More)

A Lucky Day


Andrew is out of town again for a week, which means it is once again time for the solo parent juggle (or struggle depending on the time of day!). I was particularly nervous this week because Andrew normally picks up our 2yo on Wednesday afternoons when I teach in Neuchâtel. This week our babysitter…(Read More)



Are we done with April Fools’ Day pranks and hoaxes yet? Phew. I spend all of April 1st disbelieving everything I read, and maintaining that level of skepticism is surprisingly exhausting! Also exhausting: my two year old has decided not sleeping is “fun.” I keep reminding myself that Easter break is almost over. From Monday…(Read More)

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