New Engine. Updated Look.


Over the past few days, I’ve made a few changes to my site. I migrated this blog to a new hosting service and updated and simplified the content. I think this migration meant that my last ten posts were reissued — sorry if you were spammed!

I used to be on Bluehost, but over the years the service has gotten increasingly slow and the interface is so cluttered that it’s impossible to find anything. I’m on Dreamhost now, which has a simpler, cleaner back end, and the service itself is faster and more flexible, which is an all around win. Yay!

Of course as with any changes in tech, a few unexpected things happened, like it turns out that the theme I was using had completely deprecated, so I got the new version (now a plugin instead of a theme!) and had to reconfigure, um, everything. And of course while I was at it, I figured I should go ahead and update my entire web presence now that I’m officially a PhD candidate and have signed with an agent, which somehow makes me feel like I’m officially a writer, too, as opposed to… I don’t know what. A fraud? (Imposter syndrome? Nah, couldn’t be!)

Anyway, the updates are done for now. Take a look, if you like. My goal was to keep things as simple as possible.

And this, it turns out, may end up as an inadvertent theme for March. We threw a belated birthday party (okay, we were only a week late) for my now two-year old. In past years, I would have cooked for a week in advance, but this time? We scheduled the party on a weekend that was more convenient than his actual birthday weekend so that we could enjoy it. We hosted a Swiss-style apéro at our apartment, which meant appetizers instead of a big meal, and setup/clean up according to our schedule. And instead of baking (which I normally love to do but didn’t have time for this year), we bought macarons as a birthday treat. My son LOVED them, and I took our surplus dessert to his crèche today for the teachers to have a little Monday pick me up. That was great for everyone.


As someone who tends to go overboard, I’m finally realizing that simplicity lets me focus more on what matters. For the birthday party, it was the people and the company. That meant cutting down on as many points of stress as possible because really, hosting eight toddlers and an infant along with their parents is plenty to manage without adding my expectations and perfectionism into the mix!

Now I have three projects that I’m balancing: a novel revision based on agent comments, PhD reading and research, and a secret project. I work on two projects per day in order to move everything forward and to prevent burnout. I’m trying hard not to invent additional work or side projects along the way but to dig deeply into fewer things.

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