March Forth!


March Fourth is a pretty fitting birthday for my determined little guy. He is two! Hard to believe because in many ways he seems older, but also — how is he two already?

I packed him off to crèche today with some buttermilk banana blueberry muffins with cream cheese frosting that I made last night. Okay, let’s be honest — they’re technically muffins but they’re so cakey that I should just call them cupcakes! It’s his first school birthday. As a summer baby, I never got to have school birthdays, so I may have been a bit excited about putting something together for him 🙂

Also, I am very glad that it is March. February went by in a mad blur. Mostly, I was buried in paperwork and other sorts of serious adulting — US and Swiss taxes, dealing with renewing our residence permit now that we have a different status (this took me three attempts plus a consultation with a lawyer), and starting to teach a new class. My husband was also away for a week and then was working on a theatre show, which meant keeping theatre hours, which meant I solo parented for most of the month. I’ve been pretty exhausted and frustrated — I want to read and to write and to work on my dissertation and to think through how to fine tune my novel. You’ve seen the Ariel commercial that went viral? That’s how frenetic February felt.

But all of that is done for now. The show closed. Taxes and visa paperwork are filed. I’ve been aggressively clearing the decks so that I could enjoy a birthday weekend with my kiddo and then dive into work that I care about — real work, not paperwork. I can’t wait.


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