Right now we’re living in a golden age of newsletters. I don’t subscribe to a lot of them, but I am delighted every time I receive one.

Today while commuting I caught up on newsletters that had accumulated over the past few days. Christine Corbett described her first month in Antarctica. Her descriptions of life there kept surprising me (she’s easily surviving as a vegan!), and her photos are pretty phenomenal. I read the latest in Jay Owens’s series on dust. Yes, dust. Every time I read one of her newsletters, I pull out my journal and start writing — she combines geography, history, memoir, and criticism in a rather brilliant and evocative way. Nicolas Nova’s newsletter is the only one I receive and read in French, and this week’s was particularly good. He wrote about the track he organized at the Lift Conference, which took place last week in Geneva. He writes about digital culture and our relationships to technology, and this one was about technology and magic and the flip side: technology and horror.

While I still read blogs and social media feeds (clearly!) there’s something entirely charming about the newsletter format, like an invitation to a private conversation. I like the tight focus and deep explorations across a theme, and of course I love the breadth of subjects and the new kinds of sight they inspire.

Do you subscribe to newsletters, and if so, any favorites?

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