Good Things / Gratitudes


Since January 11th, I’ve been writing at least one good thing or gratitude per day. What started off as an exercise in reflection has changed the way I experience each day. I’ve begun to keep track of everything I could put into my evening entry as they happen, so I appreciate more moments as I live them.

Sometimes on particularly tough days, I’ll look back at entries from previous weeks. They span a whole range of delights:

Jan. 16: M grabbed one of my fingers, booped his own nose with it, and cracked himself up.
Feb. 4: Actually did everything on my to do list.
Feb. 6: Box of books arrived!
Mar. 17: Managed to switch all utilities by phone and in person by myself and in French.
Apr. 18: Sushi and champagne for our anniversary.
May 14: Beautiful morning exploring Parc de Mon Repos with M.
Jun. 24: Ice cream at Pully Port with M___
Jun. 26: Marriage equality passed today.
Jul. 7: F___ café has air conditioning, free wifi, and a new play area for kids.
Oct. 5: M slept until 7:30 and woke up singing.

Today? I am off to Neuchâtel for a meeting with my adviser, and then I’m continuing on to an SCBWI writing retreat. I am grateful for:

— Andrew flying solo this weekend with M.
— Having time to write.
— Spending time with fellow writers.
— Going somewhere new and beautiful.

Have a wonderful weekend.

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