Ah, despite all good intentions, it’s been a few weeks since my last post. After several weeks of disruption (mostly in the form of toddler teething-related sleeplessness), I’m finally catching up and trying to get back into a regular routine.

One of the most important lessons I’ve learned as a parent is that whenever I get a chunk of time, I should go after the big things first. Otherwise I’ll never get to them.

Before I’d use little tasks to feel good about myself. Oh look, I crossed 5 items off my to do list. No matter that they were things like “Mail letter” that take about 5 minutes. I was getting things done!

With a baby who hasn’t always been the best sleeper, this meant I was only getting through small items and never making headway on the more meaningful ones. So I’ve changed my approach. I’m absolutely ruthless about writing and research time now. Email can wait. Blog posts can wait. Errands can be grouped and completed with the toddler in tow. Nap and bed time = serious work time.

This means that I’ve been devoting my limited time mostly to offline work. I’ll hop on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for breaks — post baby pics for family, etc. — but I’m trying as hard as possible to keep up with the work that matters most to me, even if other things end up taking a bit longer.

August is vacation month in Switzerland. Everything shuts down and small businesses have reduced hours (if they don’t close entirely for a couple of weeks). September is the time of rentrée — the return and re-entry. School starts again. The streets are full and busy again. Everything is moving and getting accomplished.

While August was a work month for me, everything seems faster and more urgent all of a sudden. I hope to catch and run with that energy going into what promises to be a busy (but I hope good) fall.

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