Summer Days


Summer in Lausanne is glorious. Having an active and very mobile nearly 16-month old means we leave our flat at least once a day, often twice, and it’s been a wonderful way for us to get to know our new neighborhood.


Around the corner from us, there’s a park with a playground, view of the Alps, splash pool for kids, and a deer enclosure.


A 10 minute bus ride takes us to a grassy beach with a snack bar with decent food and a rather good beer selection, a toddler-friendly playground, and oh, Lake Geneva and the Alps! A 20 minute downhill walk takes us to another waterfront park with a playground, mini-train for kids, and gelateria. In the opposite direction is a large estate with extensive grounds. Currently there’s an outdoor installation of sculptures that are intermixed with the playground, café, gardens, and aviary.


Every day, M and I spend a great deal of time outside. Sometimes we have errands, but mostly we explore, walk, and play, and I soak up as much sun and inspiration as I can.

When Max sleeps and when I have childcare help, I work. I currently have four “projects,” each of which is exciting and potentially all-consuming, so I’m trying to find a balance between them and do some work on two per day.

  1. Collaboration — I’ve mentioned my “secret project” on Twitter several times. It’s actually a collaboration with Andrew, and an exciting one that pretty perfectly pairs our interests and strengths. More on this, I hope, in the fall.
  2. Novel — The revision continues. It’s going much more slowly than I’d like, but I’m pleased with the results. This is the best it’s been, and that’s hard for me to say because I tend to be extremely critical of my own work.
  3. Research — This is brand new as of last week. I’m doing some research on landscape and literature with a professor here and thoroughly enjoying it. Living here, I’ve become completely preoccupied with landscape, and of course I’ve always been lit-obsessed, so this is another perfect pairing.
  4. Students — Haven Education is still going, and I’m working with some wonderful families right now.

So it’s a summer of exploration and a summer of serious work, both of which make me happy. I am glad to be finding myself again as M becomes increasingly independent and also to be discovering and sharing new things with him.

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