Welcome, 2015!


2014 had a bit of a crazy end — we’d booked a special Christmas trip, not knowing if this would be our final one in Switzerland, and the night before we were supposed to leave, the baby came down with croup. It was too late to cancel, and we were sad about the sick baby, missing the trip, and losing out on hotel costs, but we had a Christmas miracle.

A friend took over the first night of our reservation. The pediatrician cleared the baby for travel, who recovered from croup within 48 hours. We were able to book a last minute room in Zermatt, so we ended up having our two nights away, one on top of a mountain, and the second looking up at it.

Since the 1800s, tourists have been coming to Switzerland to experience the sublime. Last summer, for my birthday, we went to Lauenensee, where we encountered this:


 (Click through for a larger version)

Spectacular, right? That was summer sublime. For Christmas, we went for winter sublime. We stayed at a hotel on top of Mt. Gornergrat, which is 3100 m. / 10000 ft. high. It looks upon the Matterhorn (first panorama includes the Matterhorn and our hotel) and is surrounded by 29 4000 m. peaks, including the Monte Rosa glacier and massif. Monte Rosa (second panorama) is the tallest mountain in Switzerland.



Andrew took a photo of me taking a photo of the Monte Rosa glacier. He was reminded of a painting by Caspar David Friedrich, which is a classic, Romantic piece that evokes the sublime.


2014 was an intense and unexpected year. We had a baby, which was expected, but no one can ever prepare for how life will change and when. We’ve become much better at adjusting to whatever happens, but I did not expect an extended mid-year sleep regression, which threw everything off for me, especially my novel revision. I also expected that we’d have a spot in a local crèche by now. Instead, I’m juggling and doing my best to make things work.

We’re supposed to spend our first day of the year setting the tone for the remainder of the year. In that case, I’m off to a good, productive start. Today is our laundry day in our apartment building, and after missing last week due to travel, I ended up running five loads. I also made a few types of baby food, journaled, finished a book that I started last night, wrote this blog post, and did some work on the secret project. This on top of taking care of the baby all day and having a morning dance party, knocking over towers of blocks, and Skyping with grandparents. It’s 9 pm. I just need to sneak in some writing time before bed, and we’re good.

Figuring out how to travel with the baby was one of our biggest wins of 2014. I’m glad that we were able to explore a few new places. This year is about productivity and reclaiming brain and art space.

What are you looking forward to in 2015?

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