A Well-Earned Break


Today was an unexpectedly lovely day. I’m solo parenting again this week — Andrew was technically here for most of the week, but he was attending a workshop in Geneva, so he’d wave goodbye to the baby and me first thing in the morning and come home post baby’s bedtime. Now he’s away for a couple of days, and I decided to give myself a break by booking the babysitter for one, non-French class afternoon (luxury!) so that I could have some time to myself.

This was brilliant.

M & I went to Kindermusik this morning, and two more mums from my mums’ group just joined, which was awesome. Now there are four of us from the group in one class and another mum in the toddler group that meets immediately before ours, so we all got to see each other and catch up a little.

At the end of today’s class, I mentioned that M & I were going to grab lunch at a café before heading to the babysitter’s flat. My mum friends spontaneously decided to come along. This is one of the very few times I’ve managed spontaneity with M in tow, and it felt really good. We hopped on a bus with a caravan of strollers and snagged what has now become our table at the café and all had lunch together, including the babies.

Afterward, I dropped M off at his babysitter’s place and headed to EPFL, where instead of going to class, I went to the library. It was my first time there, and it’s just lovely — clean design, plenty of workspaces with outlets everywhere, natural light, and complete silence.


I gave myself an afternoon of revision. It was amazing to get some work in during the day instead of at night when I’m exhausted. I finally nailed a chapter ending that’s been eluding me for weeks. I’ve been rewriting and tweaking it every few days, and today, within 10 minutes of sitting down, got it.

Good way to end what’s been an exhausting week of parenting paired with the emotional exhaustion from current events in the U.S. Best of all, the kiddo & I both had a good day. He had a blast between music class, the group lunch, and an afternoon playing with his babysitter and her toddler.

I was amused by comments of, “Wait, you gave yourself the afternoon ‘off’ to work?” Yes. Absolutely. Because writing is sometimes *the* thing that replenishes the well.

Have a great weekend!

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