Much Reading. Wow.


It’s been a week of heavy and eclectic reading! Aiming to keep my blurbs short so you can just click through and read some really good stuff:

Hana’s Story: An adoptee’s tragic fate, and how it could happen again. This is the stuff of YA tragedy — an Ethiopian girl adopted by a well-meaning family in the U.S. that became increasingly conservative and isolated and whose harsh discipline practices eventually killed her. Hana’s case is far from isolated. This is a long and heartbreaking but excellent read.

Another long piece by the same journalist –  The Homeschool Apostates: They were raised to carry the fundamentalist banner forward and redeem America. But now the Joshua Generation is rebelling. More on conservatism and isolation, but in this case, the young adults are finding each other and forming their own community.

Huge story from the AP that’s even crazier than Homeland – Missing American in Iran was on unapproved mission.

Black Friday Shopping: The Low Cost of Books. Randy Susan Meyers compares e-book pricing to the restaurant industry and asks why we think all e-books should be priced the same way when we don’t expect to pay the same for eating at The French Laundry vs. MacDonald’s. She also looks at price/hour of enjoyment.

Minimum Viable Artwork. The New Museum is starting an incubator program for art and tech. What are the differences between a museum’s role and a working artist’s? Can they exist in the same space? Should they? And how does startup culture relate to art & tech?

And for a couple of lighter links to lead into the weekend:

We who spoke LOLcat now speak Doge. I really love this piece. It made me laugh aloud several times.

For a video, here’s a phenomenal piano performance by Nihls Frahm. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen someone play the piano with such physical force. Terrific composition plus performance:

Happy weekend!

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