Happy Thanksgiving!


Like many, I’m about to hit the road, except instead of heading home for the holidays, I’m off to Zurich for Stage Digital II: The Making of Atmosphere. Andrew’s been in residence there for the month, so it’s been a while since I’ve seen him. We’re both coming home this weekend. Hooray!

Last year I worked hard to try to make as traditional a Thanksgiving as I could, going to multiple shops to track down impossible to find ingredients like fresh cranberries. It was our first family holiday away from home, and making that meal and creating a sense of home and familiarity was important. We can’t do that this time around since I’ll arrive this afternoon and his piece goes up tomorrow, but we’ll have friends in town from Berlin, and Andrew and his fellow PhD candidate have been sharing a flat, so her family (including baby and mother-in-law) will all be there. Should be as chaotic and riotous as any family holiday even if we are far away and sans turkey!

(I’m not willing to give up on pie, though. That may have to happen upon our return…)

Hope you have a wonderful holiday wherever you may be and with whomever you’re spending the long weekend!

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