Why, hello, long neglected blog! It’s the end of October, and in my last post, I said something about going to London.

I’ve had a busy month — so busy I haven’t even been reading much lately, which is basically unthinkable. A & I went to London, and when we got back, he had to run off to France immediately for 10 days for a show.

London was as wonderful as ever. We stayed with one of my old friends from college, who lives right by Trafalgar Square, and I got to visit the studio of an old friend from MIT. A & I went to Stonehenge (which was silly — way too crowded now to be able to feel a sense of awe or wonder, but it was worth seeing once) and made it out to visit the “other” Cambridge crew. London is close enough that it’s our best escape from Lausanne, which is lovely but extremely quiet and lacking the tight community we had back home in Cambridge/Boston. We had a packed but excellent trip.

Since then, we’ve had a series of house guests (October has been all about catching up with friends, which was much needed and fun but a total whirlwind), I’ve been tutoring (it’s college essay season!), and the new SCBWI sites finally launched. I made the first ever site for SCBWI-Switzerland. Oh, and actually, I shouldn’t say I haven’t been reading, because it’s been a month of heavy manuscript reading (not mine), and I’m wrapping that up shortly and returning to my WIP.

November should be quiet recovery — time to be home, to write, and to recover from an excellent but exhausting October.

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