London Calling


Well this is a week of excitement. Okay, Monday and Tuesday were dull, but we had a *Wednesday* of excitement. First: new Veronica Mars movie! I’ve seen Kickstarters blow up in exciting ways — my friend, Schuyler, tried to raise 6K and raised over 80K for a project. Of course there was Amanda Palmer’s Kickstartered album that we also backed and several others — but the Veronica Mars one? The first time I clicked it, there were 44 backers and about 1K raised. When I went to bed Central European time, they were about to hit 2 million.

Now honestly, I have some qualms about this model — I like the direct fan engagement, but it bugs me that Warner Bros. forced them to do this and still holds the rights. The studio is passing off their risk and hoping to cash in on results. The reason I backed it anyway is that backers were promised a digital download of the movie a few days after the theatrical release, which seems like a way of rewarding fans and limiting the studio’s take. But bottom line, I’m absolutely delighted the movie will be made and loved watching the Kickstarter blow up (doubly so because of some acquaintances who work at Kickstarter!).

So that was exciting. And then there was an announcement about the new pope. @Pontifex tweeted it in Latin and in all caps, which was kind of awesome:

So popely.

And then Google Reader said it’ll self destruct in July!

And Twitter got line breaks!!

Every bit of news was shared and re-shared and re-mixed on Twitter. So much excitement. How could Thursday compare?


I’m in London! Which happens to be my favorite city in the world, and I’m so excited because after all of my sadness about being separated from friends, guess what! We have friends here. Turns out that coming to London is like traveling to NY from Boston — no big deal. We hopped on an EasyJet and booked an entire flat on AirBnB, so I’m hanging out in an apartment working today and then meeting up with friends from Cambridge, MA, Germany, and the UK at a 500 year old pub that Charles Dickens wrote about and where Sir Ian McKellen’s a leaseholder. Have I mentioned that I LOVE London?

And it just gets better! On Saturday I get to see Amy Butler Greenfield. We have a date to see the Mughal art exhibit at The British Library (one of my favorite places in the world!) and on Sunday A & I get to meet three Twitter friends for a St. Patrick’s Day party in Cambridge, UK, where we have been promised Guinness cake. Apparently there will also be recitations of Irish poetry, whisky, and general silliness. And if this weren’t already fabulous enough, I’m meeting up with an old friend later that night whom I haven’t seen in about 10 years. A lot can happen in a decade. Like children. Multiple.

I’ve had all England/London-related music in my head for the past week. First, I couldn’t get the Stars’ gorgeous song Barricades out of my head. There’s a line about Bermondsey which is where we’re staying:

Then there’s PJ Harvey’s Let England Shake:

And, finally, The Clash:

Yay, London.

My first time here, I didn’t want to leave. Ever.

Right now, it’s a relief to be in a real city that’s open 24 hours with people of all different colors wearing all different styles and speaking English! Oh, goodness, I keep expecting everything to be in French, and I have this weird sort of hyper vigilance where I keep bracing myself before interacting with people and then realize, “Wait, I can do this. I’m not an idiot in this language.”

Funny how running away to a major metropolis has taken such a weight off.

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