Sometimes we read material at exactly the right moment. Sometimes we know when to wait. I’ve set aside books and articles knowing I’d want them someday, though I wasn’t in the mood or mindset to appreciate them then. I believe this as much about people as books — we can meet the right person at the wrong time, and we might intersect or overlap, but it doesn’t quite work. Perhaps later, perhaps not, but either way, there’s rich potential.

I happened to read Sarah Davies’ blog post on change at exactly the right time this weekend. I’d been thinking about change — not a surprise as we ran off for a few days because we badly needed a break from apartment woes — and breathed a soft, “Yes” at the end. The post doesn’t say anything radical, but it captures and validates changes, large and small.

When I graduated from college, the last two lines of Louise Gluck’s Vita Nova were my mantra:

I thought my life was over and my heart was broken.
Then I moved to Cambridge.

Yes. The rightness resonated. I found a new home and learned a new way to be and was happy. Life constantly changes, and we gradually learn to move with it.

I’ll post more when I can, but there are some big changes ahead. And hard though change may be, there’s a soft Yes pulsing at the heart of this.

The one thing I know about change is that it happens, and everything depends on how we respond to its challenges. As writers, we need to get out there and seize it. If you don’t change, you don’t grow. If you run from rejection and revision, you’ll never discover their lessons. If you don’t drive through the disappointment, you’ll get stuck in self-pity. There is a secret shining ruby at the heart of the most painful setbacks, but somehow we’ve got to open that black velvet bag and make the glowing jewel our own.

– Sarah Davies

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