The Annual Post


Every new year, I look back at previous new year’s posts to get a sense of both personal cycles and distance traveled. For a while, I posted resolutions and reflected on them at the end of the year to tally and compare goals with accomplishments.

Last year I announced that we’d be moving to Switzerland in a friends-locked post on LJ and followed up with a public post about resolutions. I’m not sure that I achieved the public post of doing less — moving internationally doesn’t permit that — but I have been observing and enjoying the small moments. My closed post ended with the following:

For now, we are overwhelmed by the move and excited to actually be in Switzerland. It inspired some of my favorite writers — from the Shelleys to Arthur Conan Doyle — and we’re looking forward to the year and to the challenges and changes it will bring.

Now instead of looking to Louise Gluck’s Vita Nova, I’m looking to the following:

I spent wondrous hours in Switzerland, filled with captivating discoveries. — Walter Scott

Yes, yes, and yes. I can’t believe we’ve been here for nine months already. I have thoroughly enjoyed exploring and researching history and reading literature — so much that I’m already feeling pressed for time. There are so many places to visit here and people to read and only two (?) years left?

We celebrated a quiet Christmas and New Year. Over Christmas, we cooked with local friends and by ourselves, learning to make schnitzel from scratch from an Austrian friend and his Serbian partner. On our own, we made Chinese dumplings, egg curry and pooris, huevos rancheros (including tortillas), and linguine and bolognese, all from scratch (the pasta was a first, too!).

Two friends from Boston arrived a few days after Christmas, and we explored together and headed to the Alps for our first time. Unfortunately, one had an accident on the ski slopes and spent the night in the ER. When a third friend arrived on New Year’s Eve, the day after the accident, we arranged an impromptu party for the five of us, including our friend in his cast with his immobilized arm. I made Swiss fondue, also a first, since we needed to stay home.

We toasted the new year in Switzerland with three friends from Cambridge, bridging years and continents.

For 2013, I have one resolution so far, which I posted to Twitter: to stop wasting time being outraged at things that don’t matter. This is an addendum to last year’s goal of appreciating the good things, no matter how small — to not get distracted or bogged down by unpleasantness.

And on that note, happy new year! I hope 2012 ended well and that 2013 is even better.

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