Somehow another month has passed, and I keep thinking about things I’d like to write up and post, but time slips away, and either the idea no longer presses or I push it off further — I’ve waited this long already.

Andrew has been traveling 50% of the time over the past two months. He went to China for two weeks, made three trips to Zurich, one to Munich, and another to Berlin. I went on one of the Zurich trips, where we saw Amanda Palmer perform outside of Boston for the first time. That was a fun evening — we made a few friends in line, hung out with them all night, and stayed in touch, like summer camp compressed.  I also went to Solothurn for an SCBWI meeting and spent the day exploring the city on my own, which I haven’t done in a long time. I’ll post about the city sometime soon. I’ve been needing things to pull me out of the apartment, away from my laptop and from thinking too much.

It’s finally winter here — cold, rainy, and dark. We celebrated a fusion Thanksgiving last week, part Swiss, part US, and part Canadian for good measure. I’ll post about that, too, since it was our first holiday alone. I don’t like winter, either the cold or the short, dark days, although I do need seasons. Right now, I’m more quiet and in my head, spending more time reading, cooking, and knitting. Those have been wonderful breaks from screen time.

Whenever I finish a draft, I think, “What’s next?” especially when I’m not sure what’s next for the draft. I’ve been thinking about characters beyond the boundaries of their current stories, seeing what’s next and what that means for the shape of the existing work. So I’m here, mostly on Twitter, with my long form thoughts setting and, I hope, rising.

2 Responses to "November"
  1. Cold rainy & dark here in Portland, too. I rarely think about seasonal influence on my capacity to produce, but your post is a good reminder that what’s going on outside does have an effect.

    And I have at least three posts in various stages from “idea” to “deciding it’s not worth it,” so I sympathize with the phenomenon of time slipping away between posts.

    Thoughts about characters beyond their current stories sounds very positive, though!

    • Do you write less in the winter, too, or is this when you can hole up and push through material?

      This is usually a good time for me to revise or do character sketches and outline, the slow, reflective work, and I’m trying to give myself that time when there’s so much else going on — work busyness, etc. That’s probably why I’m enjoying cooking and knitting so much right now. I can see results and feel productive while letting my mind wander and work.

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