UNBORED release!


A couple of months ago, I posted about UNBORED: The Essential Field Guide to Serious Fun — I had just seen the proof. Well, a couple of weeks ago, my copy arrived. And guess what! The book comes out tomorrow.

To mark its release, here are five reasons I’m excited to be an UNBORED contributor:

1) The book’s gorgeous. I love books as objects, and the hardcover now serves as a coffee table book at our place. The contents are fully illustrated and in color, but I can tell the book will be able to take plenty of spills and abuse 🙂

UNBORED interior

2) The contributor list is astonishing — it’s wonderful to have practitioners writing about their passions directly for kids.

3) UNBORED is for everyone. It isn’t gendered but has a wide range of projects organized by theme that anyone can do.

4) The activities are affordable and don’t require special kits. There’s also a mix of old and new activities — classics that parents might know as well as updated, tech savvy ones, and they range from indoor to outdoor.

5) When I was a kid, I loved crafts and almanacs — anything with facts or experiments. In addition to the activities, the editors, Josh and Elizabeth, included articles and excerpts from books. I would’ve loved this book as a kid, so it’s exciting to contribute as a grown-up knowing some kid like me will pick it up and memorize all of the facts and try activities and experiments and make discoveries.

UNBORED is a colossus — over 350 pages. It’s aimed at kids aged 8-14, but really, everyone I know who picks it up and starts flipping through it wants to try something out.

I’m delighted to see this book go out into the world!

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