Zero Draft Stats


I just finished the zero draft of my WIP. It’s essentially a rough sketch of the novel, the bones of it, which still needs flesh and sinew and skin. Thanks to RescueTime and Scrivener, I have some Zero Draft Stats:

  • 32,000 words
  • 34.25 hrs
  • 9 days

I’m pretty wiped, and in all honesty, I’m nervous about going back to the beginning and reading through because it needs so much work, but I’m thrilled to have material that I can shape — revision is far easier for me than writing that initial, horrible draft — I want to go back and fix issues, but then it takes months, if not years, to finish.

I was telling a friend that this was like cutting all of the pieces of a quilt, arranging them, and then tacking them together. Now I need to sew the pieces together, add batting and backing, and then quilt and finish it.

But first, I need some sleep!


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