Four Firsts for Friday


Instead of a list of Friday Fives, I have four firsts to wrap up the first week of July:

  1. I wrote a short piece for The Washington Post on summer writing exercises for children and adolescents.
  2. My friend Debbie Chachra wrote about peak plastics for Discover Magazine.
  3. Friend Molly Sauter is in The Atlantic debunking myths about hackers.
  4. And friend Quinn Norton wrote a feature about Anonymous for Wired.

This is the first time Deb, Molly, and I have written for these respective publications — Deb’s a professor and Molly’s a grad student, so they usually write for academic journals. Quinn’s a journalist, and this was her first feature for Wired.

As a side note — this is why dinner parties are so fun. We have a wide range of expertise and interests!

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