Get up, stand up!


I’ve posted about organizational tools that I like, such as Scription and Scrivener. Now I’m trying something new and a little different, which I’m going to log periodically.

A while ago, I read Gina Trapani’s excellent Lifehacker post on her standing desk, and I was intrigued. However, I have a small writing desk that I love (it was a wedding present from my husband which makes it even better!), so I never went for it. Now that we’re in a new space, however, I started considering it again because I’m desk shopping.

Recently, I’ve also read a slew of articles highlighting how terrible sedentary lifestyles are for humans (including this hard-hitting infographic). We sit when we work, when we watch television, when we eat, and then we lie down to sleep. Sure, people go to the gym for their 30-60 min. workouts, but that isn’t nearly enough. I’m a writer and I have a tutoring company. Guess what. I sit a lot. When I went from teaching to an office job, I immediately gained 5-7 lbs. This for a girl who was 85 lbs when she went to college and couldn’t break 100 lbs until she was in grad school (which wasn’t a good thing — my pediatrician told me whenever I got hungry, I should eat peanut butter or ice cream — I ate, but I was still a size 14 kids and didn’t look healthy).

So as of 5/1, I began a standing experiment. I haven’t bought a desk yet, which is a really good thing because I would have bought the wrong height — it’s really important to test this out before actually purchasing something unless it’s adjustable. Right now I’m standing at our kitchen buffet counter with my laptop on a low box so that my wrists lie flat, my arms are relaxed, and I don’t have to bend to see my screen.

I’m not completely hardcore — standing for 8 hours at a time or anything. I listen to my body. When I’m tired, I sit. When I start falling asleep at my desk, I stand again. Right now I’m doing a few hours on and a few off and alternating. Thus far, I really like it.

It’s physically tiring if you aren’t used to it. Also, I’m constantly hungry, so I’m grazing throughout the day (which is supposed to be better than eating a few giant meals anyway). But the real secret to a standing desk? It’s impossible to stand still — I’m constantly moving and shifting and yes, taking impromptu dance breaks when songs like this come up on my Spotify playlist:

A year later, Gina’s still standing. I wonder how this will go for me!

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