The Beauty of Everyday Objects


For the past ten years, an artist friend, Ranjit, has been scanning the produce he buys each week at the farmer’s market. The images are simple and gorgeous. I love the project for its unexpectedness — who would ever think of scanning vegetables, of creating vegetable compositions? And who could have the discipline to do this every week for 10 years?

Sometimes I wonder whether Ranjit’s diet has changed because of the colors he’d like to use or if he composes based on what he’s craving, but I’ve never asked… both are intriguing, so I’d rather not know the real answer! Here are a few images from the project. I linked to his complete Flickr set above.


Park Slope Farmers Market Produce Scan of the Week

grand army plaza greenmarket produce scan of the week

Windsor Terrace Greenmarket Produce Scan of the Week

Grand Army Plaza Greenm-- currants again!
Grand Army Plaza Greenmarket Produce Scan of the Week

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