Lessons from the Grammys


I watched the Grammys last night along with much of America, and a couple of things struck me:

Lesson 1: Didn’t people say YA was dead about 10 years ago? Clearly, YA is alive and well and taking over the music industry! Katy Perry’s set looked very Hunger Games, and I have to admit, I’m pretty amazed at the effect YA literature is having on pop culture — it’s not surprising given that pop music is aimed at teens, and this is what teens are into right now. It’s just remarkable given how YA was so passé, and now people can’t get enough. The lesson? Don’t follow trends. Also: in YA, death can always be undone.

image via popsugar.com

Lesson 2: This one comes form Adele, who is back after surgery! Her performance followed Katy Perry’s extravaganza with minimal sets and choreography, which led to a writing realization — you don’t need pyrotechnics when you have voice. (To be fair to KP, she has a good voice, but her music is so produced that it gets masked. Which is perhaps Lesson 2A — voice gets lost in over production.)

Lesson 3: Then there was the levitating Nicki Minaj in her spectacular (and I do mean the word in a literal sense!) exorcism/witch hunt. Of course I couldn’t help but see connections to YA television like The Secret Circle and the ever present teen witch fascination. Go, YA! But my final lesson from the Grammys — be ridiculous or be a classic, have pyrotechnics or a serious performance, but most of all, be yourself and have fun!

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2 Responses to "Lessons from the Grammys"
  1. Great point about the hunger games. I missed that.

    I’ve always said: YA books are five or ten years ahead of the rest of society/pop culture.

    • Britney Spears’ Till the World Ends video is also fabulously dystopian. I’m sure there have been plenty of trends like this, but it’s the first one where I’ve really noticed the imagery move from one field to another — so interesting. Like watching a meme spread.

      If YA is 5-10 yrs ahead, what’s YA sci fi? 🙂

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