Friday Five: Cheerleader Edition


Okay, for this week’s Friday five, I’m tooting some friends’ horns.

1) Jo had her first book, Roads to Power, reviewed by a British MP in the Wall Street Journal. They liked her foundation and disagreed with her conclusions, which must mean she did something right (remember the WSJ column on YA lit? *shudder*). Also, WSJ — she’s Dr. Guldi, not Ms. as you repeatedly called her. She’s in the Harvard Society of Fellows! Jo’s a brilliant historian, and her research is fascinating, so check out her stuff.

2) danah started off this year on the cover of Fast Company (along with 6 others) in a feature on “Generation Flux.” She was profiled in the magazine as “The High Priestess of the Internet.” Now there’s a title!

3) danah gets a second shout out because she was recently profiled in the NYTimes, as well, this time in the fashion section. The Times mostly got her. First, they acknowledged her doctorate (big step up from the WSJ). Second, they summarized her research well. The part they missed? Well, that related to fashion… danah doesn’t dress like a high school student, and she definitely doesn’t dress the way she did in the 90s, but that’s besides the point. danah’s work is a must read for anyone with kids or working with kids — she deals with issues of online privacy. She also spends most of her time thinking about kids who can’t speak up for themselves because they’re disenfranchised in some way — “the invisible child” as Katherine Paterson says.

4) This is totally silly but cracked me up — Hugo, who was at the Media Lab at the same time as danah and me — headed the Improper Boston’s list of 20 most desirable singles of 2012. Given that Hugo’s a cool hunter, makes sense that he’d make the cool hunted list. Also, they’re right — he does have great hair 🙂

5) And finally, Jason’s show has been getting terrific buzz. He’s a writer for Smash, which premiers on Monday at 10 pm on NBC. The first episode is already available online, and I recommend it to anyone who enjoys theatre, Glee, or smart writing. The cast is phenomenal, starring Anjelica Huston, Debra Messing, and various Broadway stars. Uma Thurman shows up later in the season, as does Bernadette Peters (in an episode Jason wrote!). So watch, support, and enjoy the show. Hey, it’s about artists who are trying to make it, and isn’t that a story we all understand?

For the bonus sixth — a huge congrats to fellow VCFA alumn Gwenda Bond on her brand new two-book deal with Strange Chemistry! *pops champagne* Hooray!!

Happy Friday, and have a great weekend!

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