Sophie’s Revenge


I usually don’t post about movies, but I saw one last night that I wanted to pass along. Sophie’s Revenge is a Chinese romantic comedy. Disclaimer: the plot line is COMPLETELY predictable. It’s a Rom Com. They follow a pattern. It’s still cute! I recommend it to anyone who liked Anna and the French Kiss.

Sophie is a comic book artist whose fiancé dumps her for a starlet 2 months before their wedding. Sophie teams up with the starlet’s ex (a Taiwanese photographer) to try to break them up and win back his love. Standard plot, but Sophie has a bit of a mental break when she’s dumped, so she takes some rather extreme and hilarious measures… she also decides to document her revenge in her forthcoming graphic novel (never a good idea).

I really liked the aesthetic of the movie — the bright colors, Sophie’s style, the mix of her comic book art and the photographer’s work. Also — the Taiwanese photographer? Gorgeous.

The actress who plays Sophie was in Hero, House of Flying Daggers, and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, and I enjoyed her performance in a quirky, contemporary role.

Sophie’s Revenge is on Netflix Instant. It’s a fun, light, date night movie — as long as your date isn’t opposed to cute 🙂

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