Kio Stark launched a Kickstarter campaign today for a book project called “Don’t Go Back to School: A Handbook for Learning Anything.” It’s super cool — she’s interviewing all sorts of self-taught people about how they learned specific subject areas/domains. From her page:

In Don’t Go Back to School, I’ll deconstruct the basic infrastructure that school provides—things like resources, expertise, evaluation, and a learning community. And I’ll profile fascinating, self-taught people, showcasing the practical ways they meet those needs. I’ve already talked to people like Cory Doctorow about learning to be a working writer, Dan Sinker about learning to code, Quinn Norton about learning neurology and psychology as a science writer, and a dozen others so far, with many more interviews planned.

She has quite a range of topics and interview subjects lined up. And although I’m a grad school addict, I’m on deck as an interviewee. We’re going to talk about entrepreneurship and learning how to start a company without having a formal business school background. I’m excited to be part of the conversation.

Please consider supporting Kio’s remarkable project!

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