Random Acts of Publicity


Over on her blog, Darcy Pattison declared this to be Random Acts of Publicity Week. I don’t post daily, but I wanted to join in and share a few recent highlights:

Debbie Michiko Florence has a new blog called DEBtastic Reads! where in her words, “I will highlight my favorite books and authors, interviews, book buzz, contests, and more. I hope you will join me and share your favorites, too!” The site looks terrific — congrats on the launch!

– The book Dear Bully doesn’t need my publicity help as a few contributors were on NPR today (yay!), but it’s a remarkable collection. Here’s editor Carrie Jonesbook announcement.

– I’m a huge Mary Shelley fan, so I was delighted by Sarah Wood’s insightful review of Ken Oppel’s This Dark Endeavor. Yes, I’m buzzing both a review and a book 🙂

– My NESCBWI conference co-director, Greg Fishbone, has the first book of his brand new series coming out this month! I got to flip through Galaxy Games in May, and it looks incredibly fun — exactly the kind of book I would have loved as a kid.


2 Responses to "Random Acts of Publicity"
  1. Thanks so much for the random act of publicity and the shout out for DEAR BULLY. Our goal is to get this book into the hands of everyone who needs it, so every mention counts! It is VERY much appreciated! Thank you, thank you!!

    • Of course! You and Carrie have been doing a terrific job of getting the word out 🙂 Congrats on the launch!

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