SXSWi PanelPicker Edition


For the past two years, I’ve been a SXSW Interactive attendee. This year, I submitted my first panel proposal with a group of incredible people I’m lucky to call friends.

Our panel is on DIY promotion, and we’ll cover books, blogs, and startups — basically personal projects with little to no marketing budget, so what we discuss can map to games, apps, etc. The panelists are Jeff Potter (aka Cooking for Geeks), Josh Glenn (editor of HiLobrow, one of Time magazine’s Top 25 blogs of 2010), and Laura Fitton (CEO of oneforty). All three are brilliant, savvy, and hilarious, so this will be a high energy, informative, and entertaining panel! As moderator, I’m excited to poke, prod, and otherwise instigate discussion on what works, what doesn’t, and what’s been surprising over the course of their careers.

Josh already posted about his awesomeness as a promoter. Did I mention that I <3 my friends & their brilliance?

Now, here’s the thing. SXSW is an extremely popular conference. As in 3810 panels were submitted this year and 19,000 people attended the Interactive portion of the conference last year. 30% of the acceptance decision is based on popular vote. You don’t have to be an attendee to vote.

So. If you are willing, I’d be super grateful if you’d create an account and vote for our panel. Leave a comment about how awesome the panelists are or a question for clarification — everything helps.

And having already created an account, if you are so inclined, please vote for friends who have also submitted phenomenal talks and panels and could use a boost:

Voting went live today and will be active until September 2nd. As they say on Cute Overload:

Vote like a baby stoat!

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