Sneaking Up


Ever have one of those months when you’re overwhelmed with everything? That was my over scheduled July, and despite all good intentions (yes, yes — road to hell — I know), August is looking pretty similar between weekend travel, wisdom teeth removal, and all sorts of other stuff — some fun, some not.

To top it off, for some reason I stopped being able to sleep. It’s been 2 1/2 weeks now. What I’m dealing with is called “terminal insomnia” not because it’s deadly but because it kicks in at the end of the sleep cycle rather than at the beginning. I have no trouble falling asleep. I just wake up super early, after 4-6 hours, and can’t fall back asleep. It’s not fun. Like all rational people, I turned to Twitter for advice, and what I’ve gotten so far includes everything from no breakfast, no caffeine, no alcohol, and more exercise to less stress. Hmm.

On the plus side, the MC of my WIP suffers from sleep issues, so I’ve been taking notes on what sleep deprivation feels like. It’s all about making the manuscript better, right? Which leads me to…

<gallows humor break>

</gallows humor break>

Yay, Monty Python!

And then there’s the world. London riots. US economy. When people say “have less stress” do they take into account that the world is simply crazy right now and 1) it’s hard to filter crazy and 2) it’s nearly impossible not to be affected by large-scale, world-impacting phenomena? Personal flux and transition periods are always challenging — it’s the nature of change — but combined with world-level uncertainty? It’s like trying to navigate a fire swamp! (Yes, I’m really working the movie references.)

And then there’s feminism (or lack thereof), which has had me all riled up this week.

WARNING: Link Bait.
Penelope Trunk posted an article on why women shouldn’t be in startups. Okay, technically she said that startups should be single-sex, but she spent the whole time talking about how women are too emotional, so men shouldn’t include them. It made me crazy.

My friends are wonderful people who sent very reasonable responses to the Trunk piece, so I feel no need to write one myself. Still, just the thought of someone with a platform — a woman, no less — saying this kind of stuff makes me nuts.

Add to that all of the recent conversation about Mary Sues in fiction. A lot of wonderful, feminist authors like Sarah Rees Brennan and Holly Black have also addressed the double standards that come up when evaluating female characters. But regarding both sets of conversations — why are we still having them? Haven’t we moved past all of this?

It feels like whichever professional life I’m looking at (entrepreneur / writer), there’s all sorts of loopiness right now. I hope it’s something like Mercury in retrograde, and the world will be okay as soon as the stars line up properly again (Oh hey, guess what! I was totally joking, but it turns out Mercury is actually in retrograde!). In the meantime, I guess we just keep on keeping on. Take deep breaths. Take long walks. And try to remember that the entire world does not rest on one’s shoulders. It’s on Obama’s.

The thing that amused me the most this week? This guy:

He’s just so happy doing his job, hunting, sniffing, and not knowing what’s behind him. Clueless and completely adorable.

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