Replenishing the well


Two weeks ago, I posted a question to G+ —

What do you do to “replenish the well” and keep your writer / designer / artist / dancer / musician / creative self inspired, energized, and productive?

All sorts of answers came in, many about unplugging and relaxing, like doing yoga / meditation or talking a walk. Others would go for a more “disruptive” form of inspiration, such as trying a new art form, making something physical (as opposed to virtual text or design), or engaging someone else’s work via a gallery or performance.

Over the weekend, A and I went to visit his brother and girlfriend in Brattleboro, VT. It was nice to get out of the city, to leave our laptops behind, and to spend Sunday going through record stores and consignment shops. We enjoyed a weekend that was both quiet and disruptive — it’s hard not to be inspired by thrift store finds. There are so many stories behind the creation of these objects, how they were used, and how they ended up in Brattleboro, VT…

(Photos by Andrew)

Here are some actual acquisitions:

This is a record made at the temple I went to in Pittsburgh — I took dance classes here every weekend from age 7, and Andrew and I were married there. This album was recorded in 1980 and made it from Pittsburgh, PA to Brattleboro, VT via the library at Northwestern University.

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The thrift store also had a stack of original animation cells from He-Man and She-Ra. I picked up She-Ra, Princess of Power, of course.

No comment needed 🙂

Replenishing the well is a matter of carving out time away from work and away from the usual creative and artistic endeavors in order to keep things fresh and exciting and alive. This may mean a daily mini-break in the form of going to the gym, a weekly longer break such as an afternoon of wandering through your town with a camera, or a day out of the month spent completely off the grid.

As the week begins, here’s a small reminder to take that time for yourself.

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