Friday Five


(1) Two days ago, I posted about sleep issues. That night I slept well — all the way to my alarm. Irony? Magic? I’ll give credit to the clever fox.

(2) Diane Duane tweeted that you could buy her Young Wizards books 1-9 as an ebook set. I checked it out immediately (I loved these books growing up and kept up with later releases) and was pretty blown away by how this works. First, it’s $40 for all nine, and she’d tweeted a temporary discount code on top of that. Second, these books are DRM-free. Third, you can download them as .epub versions, .mobi (Kindle), or both! Um, so let’s sum this up — buying from the author, DRM-free, internationally available, cross-platform ebooks. Giant win.

(3) Really adorable tiger cub photos. You’re welcome. (Hey, cats run the Internet!)

(4) Spousal pride moment: Andrew’s going to have a new piece in the Moscow Biennale.

(5) This video is amazing. It’s about how language affects perceptions of color. The first 5 minutes are especially worth watching, although the whole thing is interesting. (via Andrew)

Happy weekend!

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