Last weekend, A and I went to Maine for a lovely, lakeside wedding. We were staying near Wiscasset, and the wedding was in Nobleboro, so we also ended up spending a lot of time halfway in between, in Damariscotta.

One of my favorite things to do when time permits during those rare, empty days, is to wander — no punch list, no goals, simply seeing where we end up. We had a nice evening wandering through Wiscasset, down to the docks and back, and another quiet morning in Damariscotta.

We found two independent shops that we loved. First, and all of you Mainers probably know it already, is The Maine Coast Book Shop & Cafe. Now, I love my local indie, but this place had an amazing vibe — maybe because it’s been around for 45 years or because it truly felt like a community space. The coffee is wonderful, and the book selection is terrific. If you get the chance, stop by. A & I agreed that it became an instant favorite. The second spot was an import store called Intara Wut. This was a small world event — we walked in and were transported to Cambridge. I asked the man at the desk (who turned out to be the owner) if this was another branch of the store we’d visited in Cambridge, and he said the one in Cambridge had closed in December, and his family had moved to Maine. We were the first people to stop by who’d shopped at his Cambridge location, so he was excited and told us all about some of our favorite Cambridge shops and about life in mid-coastal Maine.

Marc (the owner) also told us all about the annual alewife ladder and the thousands of birds that swoop in to hunt as the fish migrate. Sounded spectacular, so clearly we need to go back to see nature in action.

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