Friday Five


We’re a week into July, and I haven’t posted anything yet. Worst blogger ever? Well, I’ve had longer silent spells, so I guess I beat myself this round.

LOLcats make everything better

(1) The Writing Faculty has been keeping me super busy. Have I mentioned lately how much I adore the people I work with? Clearly not, as I haven’t posted in over a week. The tutors are brilliant, and I like that my entire life revolves around writing and talking about writing and thinking about how to help people become better writers.

HINT: Not like this!

(2) G+! I posted about Google+ as soon as I joined. Right now feels like a big moment of transition. My circle of friends was lucky enough to hop on during the initial 24-hour open invite window, so it’s been a party from the beginning. The kidlitosphere is joining now, and I’m interested to see how the experience evolves. I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the new network — it’s far better than Orkut and Buzz. There’s less trivial Facebook-style stuff, the lists/circles are much easier to manage, and it’s possible to have real conversations. Right now it feels like a cross between Twitter and blogging — I’m getting good links and info but can also respond meaningfully. You can find me at

(3) Although this doesn’t relate specifically to social networking and Circles, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about self-perception and how that changes. Recently, someone called me a “business leader” in an email, which made me pause and reflect. I got where she was coming from — I’ve held various directorships across companies and at the NESCBWI conferences — technically I am a business leader, but it didn’t match my self-perception. I always describe myself as a writer, educator, book addict, geek, and occasional dog rescuer, and that’s not entirely true… I was a dancer for over 20 years. It shocked me when I realized new friends knew nothing about that part of my life. So do I add entrepreneuer to the list? Businessperson?

Little Miss Bossy?

Social networking forces this to the forefront because you’re asked to profile and define yourself, and as someone who double majored in Computer Science and English, I’ve never felt like I was one thing or the other.

Reminds me of line from A Wrinkle in Time that I’ve always related to:

“‘Mother,’ Meg pursued. ‘Charles says I’m not one thing or the other, not flesh nor fowl nor good red herring.’

‘Oh, for crying out loud,’ Calvin said, ‘you’re Meg, aren’t you? Come on and let’s go for a walk.'”

I <3 Calvin. Oh, and while we’re on L’Engle, Sarah Rettger‘s been blogging about the men of L’Engle. She just wrote about Adam Eddington, my absolute fave!

(4) This is kind of random, but also on my mind: I haven’t been sleeping well lately. Before I was waking up too early — first 45 minutes and then two hours before the alarm. Now I’m having weird dreams. There was the one where I was locked in a bank vault with no method of communication and without my lockpicking friend (Boston Magazine did a hilarious profile of him recently). And then I was dreaming in French and the whole time kept thinking “No, it’s supposed to be Spanish” so I’d half wake up, translate into Spanish, and then fall back asleep. I haven’t spoken either language with any sort of regularity in 7-8 years, so this was bizarre and rather remarkable. The subconscious is as fascinating as it is irritating.

(5) I’m really looking forward to some down time this weekend. Last weekend we went to NH with friends and rented a 3-bdrm house off of airbnb. That was awesome and lovely. This weekend we’re staying in. I have a huge stack of reading to dive into, and I’m overdue on a chapter revision (my writing accountability buddy has been poking me with long, stabby fingers). Top of my TBR pile this weekend is Welcome to Bordertown. I’ve been excited about this book for a while. Yay, UF and geekery!

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