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There’s been a lot of brouhaha in the YA world this week about a certain Wall Street Journal article on whether YA today is too dark. Many, many people have responded to this through blog posts and Twitter, so I won’t re-post the article and all of the responses here.

The one downside of the massive outpouring against this article is that in many ways, the Wall Street Journal won — it got a huge spike in page views. Why would they change their reporting if they get so many hits?

So, instead of linking to something I don’t agree with, here’s a round up of this week’s YA links I like:

  • My classmate Teresa Harris, whose Summer Jackson: Grown Up picture book I mentioned, had her book blurbed in the New York Times.
  • I love Tamora Pierce’s work. This interview with her in The Atlantic is yet another reason why she is awesome.
  • Cecil Castellucci wrote a nice response to the WSJ article at the LA Review of Books.
  • I also really liked Linda Holmes’ response over at NPR.
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