This week is whizzing by and has been full of all sorts of good stuff.

Monday was book group! We discussed Beverly Cleary’s memoir, A Girl from Yamhill, which had a slow start (as one book group member described it, “full of begats”) but ends up worth the effort. I just started the sequel. It was fun to see all of the similarities between little Beverly and Ramona Quimby and to gain some insight into how she translated real life moments into fiction. And *wow* was her mother a piece of work.

Wednesday was crit group. It’s been a while because I’ve been overloaded with freelance and unable to work on my WIP at all (after 10 straight hours writing, the last thing I want to do is write!), so it felt good to dip a toe back in. The chapter I had a horrible time revising is much improved, and my group had good insights into how to make it really move. I love writerly weeks, and this one had a double dose of awesome between reading and writing chats. Did I mention I also wrapped up all of my freelance work?

A & I decided to take a summery break and get some pizza at Mike’s where we could sit outside and enjoy the weather, and then we saw X-Men: First Class, which was fun.

I mentioned on Twitter and LinkedIn but should post here that I joined The Writing Faculty as the Executive Director, so that’s been keeping me extremely busy in the best possible way. Writing, online education, tutoring — can we say perfect fit? The tutors are awesome, the people I’m working with behind the scenes are bright, kind, and generous, and I’m doing a wide range of work, which keeps things interesting.

Good week so far. Now for some sushi!

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