Six on a Saturday


It’s been a quiet Saturday, a nice break after a busy week. Lots going on at home and in the world!

1) Our close friend Jeff (aka Cooking for Geeks) is in town visiting. It’s been about 6 months since we saw him last, so it’s wonderful to have him home. Yay!

2) Cambridge is awesome. The summer dance party last night was silly fun — they should do it more often. Yes, they shut down Mass Ave in front of City Hall and blasted music and people danced.

3) I’ve been reading a lot of reactions to JK Rowling’s Pottermore. Henry Jenkins, who began the Comparative Media Studies program at MIT and is now a professor at USC, is the most brilliant person out there who writes about fandom and transmedia storytelling (I took some of his classes 10-11 years ago — he’s amazing). He blogged about three reasons why he thinks Pottermore matters. This isn’t just about ebooks, but fan relations, fandom management, and the future of storytelling, in particular transmedia storytelling. Insightful, as always.

4) NY made gay marriage legal! Yay! I was confused, however, by all of the Boston responses of “Yeah — 7 years later.” Um, can’t we just be happy?

5) Whitey Bulger was caught. I am completely fascinated by this story. I didn’t grow up in Boston, but Andrew did, and he filled me in on the legend years ago, and we read a silly mystery novel set in Cambridge that Leda Schubert, one of the VCFA profs, had recommended for dog lovers (Gone to the Dogs). In the book, there was a side plot in which Whitey Bulger was disguised as a Cantabridgian woman. Anyway, long story short, he’s been a household name for a while, so I’ve been following the trial, and Billy Baker, the reporter who covered Mari’s search, has been live tweeting it, which is fun.

6) My VCFA classmate, Cindy, just retired after 31 years of teaching. Isn’t that amazing? I’m in awe of her dedication. How lucky those kids were to have her.

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