Some days it’s great to forget the to do list. It’s reunion weekend at Wellesley and MIT. Last year was my Wellesley 10 year. Right now MIT is celebrating its 150th, so alumni have gathered from all over. I wasn’t up for the crowds, and there were too many events to sort, so I’ve been skipping.

But a friend from college whom I haven’t seen in 3 years came up with her dad for his 40th reunion at MIT, and we got together last night and caught up. I had a phone date scheduled today with another college friend who is currently living in Israel. I figured while I was at it, I’d text my college roommate and see if she was around today or on call, and it turned out she was free, so we also got to chat.

We’ve all been through some pretty rough patches in the 15 years we’ve known each other, so it’s great to simply hear each other’s voices and understand that there’s someone else who gets it. And that call to my friend in Israel? It lasted so long my battery died and my phone took 10 minutes to turn on after I plugged it in. Whoops.

Here are three of us from five years ago. Yes, I am tiny.


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