What a complicated couple of days — the royal wedding, the hats, the correspondents’ dinner, and of course bin Laden. Is it a wonder that we’re all reeling a little bit this Monday?

Sometimes the speed of media is just too much to take in. I’ve been pounding away at a freelance project for the past week, so I’ve had my head down for the most part except for when the world comes crashing through.

Over at the Atlantic, Alexis sums up a lot of my complicated feelings about last night. I feel the same sense of closure that a lot of people have been expressing at hearing about bin Laden’s death, but I don’t quite get the champagne popping and chanting. Images from last night’s spontaneous rallies remind me of Fenway after the Sox won the World Series, but in some ways, it also reminds me of the inauguration and the euphoric gathering of Americans sharing a big moment. Right now it just feels like a lot to take in, so I’m bewildered and processing — there’s catharsis and there’s reflection, and my personal response is, unsurprisingly, the latter one.

I am fascinated by some of the smaller stories emerging from the larger narrative, such as the man who unknowingly tweeted the strike against bin Laden. He was on vacation in Abbottabad, heard helicopters, and began tweeting his annoyance about the noise and then posting links to little news stories that were popping up about what was happening. And then he heard what had actually happened.

Abbottabad was named for a British major who founded the town after resolving regional religious tensions between Sikhs and Muslims. Isn’t this portrait amazing?

(from the National Portrait Gallery in London)

Speaking of The Atlantic, Ta-nehisi Coates wrote a fantastic essay on the legacy of Malcolm X that I highly recommend. This is from a while ago, but I also enjoyed James’ interview with Stephen King. My favorite part is when they start talking about metal halfway through the conversation 🙂

Since I seem to be rounding up links, here’s another favorite from the weekend — Reggie Watts (who I first saw perform with LCD Soundsystem about a month ago and then met the following night after Sleep No More) doing an amazing improv. This video just makes me smile:


Oh, and to go back to the royal wedding, this also sparked much delight:

from The Escapist

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