And now for my first BEA!


Haven’t gotten to BEA yet, but I stopped by the NYC Teen Author Carnival this afternoon and got to meet up with VCFA alumnae Carrie Jones & Marianna Baer. Yay! And I’m having dinner tonight with my classmate Teresa Harris. All three have books at BEA this year, which is so delightful. Oh, and I got to meet Nova Ren Suma for the first time face to face. I love Twitter as a way to meet cool people. I’m traveling & rooming with writing buddy Edith Cohn and looking forward to running into a lot of other writer friends tomorrow! BEA is so like SXSW in its summer campiness. But with way fewer gadgets and beards.

The one crazy thing so far? Someone asked if I was Marisol’s owner at the author carnival. Yes, in NY. Turned out to be Mary Kole of Andrea Brown Literary, which made sense because Jenn Laughran was super awesome about tweeting Mari’s story as soon as she got lost, but I was really discombobulated. I’m used to flying under the radar except as a conscious decision, like speaking in front of a conference I co-directed, and the crossing of contexts really threw me off. For the most part, A & I try to keep our personal lives, not emotions but day to day stuff, separate from Mari’s search because it isn’t about us, it’s about her. So it’s surprising when it links back, even if it fits in the bigger context.

Poor pup.

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