New York, I love you


but you’re bringing me down…

Not really. That was the final song played by LCD Soundsystem at their penultimate show.

Confused yet?

LCD Soundsystem decided to stop performing. It’s been a long time, and when they announced the end, they said they were going to have a giant blowout for their fans at Madison Square Garden.

Tickets went on sale and were gone within seconds.

LCD is an indie band. There was no way Madison Square Garden sold out, at least not that quickly. They checked, and it turned out even their friends and family didn’t get tickets.

So they decided to play three more shows leading up to the Madison Square Garden event to devalue the price of the scalper tickets. How cool is that?

The show happened to be a few days after Andrew’s birthday, and they happen to be one of his favorite bands, and I managed to get tickets to the final Terminal 5 show (which sold out in 3 or 4 minutes), so we went!

Final song -- I love the heart someone made with a glow stick.

The show was fantastic — they performed for three hours, AND there was a good opener — and they played all out. James Murphy had almost no voice left at the end. I can’t believe he did that for three nights straight and had a fourth show coming up. They had some guest performers, like Reggie Watts, which kept things mixed up. Excellent stuff.

As if that weren’t enough, one of our favorite theatre shows/installations, Sleep No More, happened to be playing in NY the following night. I found out about a week before our trip and got tickets to that, too. Even better, our friends Gilad and danah also planned to be in NY that night and got tickets to the same show, so we met up with them in NY just days after hanging out in Boston. They’d never seen the show before and loved it. Yay!

The weekend only got more epic. Thanks to Twitter we realized Amanda Palmer was at the same Terminal 5 LCD Soundsystem show as us, so Andrew sent her a note and found out she was heading to the same late show of Sleep No More as we were. Apparently we were living like rock stars during the trip — we had the same schedule as one! We met up with her and Reggie Watts (who also happened to be at that Sleep No More show) afterward and got back to our hotel at 3:30 am.

It was a great couple of days. On top of the shows there were the 10 galleries we visited in Chelsea, the bowls of the best ramen on the East Coast, our lovely hotel, the NY Public Library, meeting up with Andrew’s brother & his family, walking through Central Park, seeing someone we met 2 weeks before in Austin and getting to check out his gallery, going to High Line park, and riding the 6 train past the end of the line so we could see the abandoned City Hall Station, but the latter two adventures are for another post…

Ramen from Ippudo. Yum!

Andrew said except for missing Mari, this was the best birthday he’s ever had. Success! I worked hard to put something special together because it’s been such a tough and stressful few months and we needed a break badly.

For his actual birthday the weekend before, we made Korean food and our friend Jesse brought his turntables over, and we asked everyone to bring records (33s for Andrew’s 33rd). I think 5 of the 25 guests were sound artists, so people took turns spinning, and there was a ton of food — both Korean and fusion (kimchi quesadillas, Korean taco makings, etc.) — and Andrew made aviations and Manhattans. Just lovely. It was so nice to have a house full of friends and music and food. Must do more of it…

The birthday boy on his actual birthday. Someone gave him the wolf hat.
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